High End Living in Brevard County

Relocating to Florida?

Kevin Hill REALTOR®, Luxury & Waterfront Specialist is here to guide you with the very important decision of purchasing property.

The year round sun-soaked coastal shores of Brevard County, Florida are undeniably alluring to the millions of vacationers who venture to the county each year. The 72-mile stretch of sandy beaches, vibrant cities throughout, fine dining, booming economy, front row seat to Florida’s natural wildlife and plenty of activities can combine to create a one-of-a-kind, high-end experience. For anyone wishing to turn that elevated vacation mindset into a more permanent lifestyle by purchasing a slice of paradise in Brevard County, here are several elite locations to invest and reside. 

Lansing Island, Indian Harbour Beach

Due to recent worldwide attention of homes for sale on Lansing Island, the exclusive homes on one of Florida’s most prestigious plots of paradise are highly sought after. This gated community provides the majority of its residents with easy access to the beautiful Intercoastal Waterway, and nearby beaches & lakes mean year-round water activities in the Florida sunshine. Lansing Island luxury homes are situated on lots ranging from ¾’s an acre to over one acre in size, and priced from $1,500,000 to $7,000,000. Lansing Island hosts annual holiday family-style events and offers residents access to  the gorgeous Gleason Park, a 27-acre complex with a boardwalk & gazebos, a large pool, beach volleyball and several exercise paths. In addition to this, easy access to life’s conveniences are just a short drive away. 

Tortoise Island, Satellite Beach

If privacy is a high priority, one of the over 340 beautiful estate style homes on Tortoise Island might be for you. Thought of as a hidden tropical paradise, majority of the homes for sale on Tortoise Island have private docks on the Banana River and are priced between $368,000 to $1,610,000 for a home size of 2,500 sq.ft to 8,000+ sq. ft. This gated community, which was the first of the island communities established in Brevard, has plenty of great activities to choose from without ever having to cross the bridge to the mainland. Beyond water activities on the Banana River, the island offers several high end amenities for residents, including: tennis courts, a large pool, men’s and women’s sauna, clubhouse, game room, a playground, a gym and more. Additionally, Tortoise Island is just a few miles from great healthcare and excellent schools 

South Tropical Trail in Merritt Island 

For valid reasons, South Tropical Trail boasts some of the most expensive properties of all the island communities in Florida. Considered a boater’s paradise due to the deep waters on both sides, the “river to river” properties on the southernmost tip of Merritt Island have waterfront access to both the Indian and Banana Rivers. The deep waters, particularly in the northern areas, are well suited for large vessels. Unique to the trail is some of the lushest soil which allows for residents to grow mango, avocado, lychee nut and citrus trees among — other tropical fruits — in their backyards. Further north, between Mather’s Bridge and Pineda Causeway, you’ll find some of the most scenic homes for sale on South Tropical Trail. Traveling even further north of Pineda are some of the largest estates on the trail, ranging from 1 to 10+ acres of land (fun fact: on the larger parcels of land, horses are allowed!). Homes sell from anywhere between $7,000,000 to $2 million (just for a plot of land) depending on exact location and size.

As the economy and housing market grow in Brevard, demand for upscale living options will prove to be even more enticing for those wanting to invest in owning a piece of the Sunshine State. If living where the sun shines and the gentle lull of waves meeting a sandy shoreline sounds appealing, consider reaching out to Kevin Hill, an expert of Brevard County with nearly 40 years of real estate experience.